Binary Logistic Regression

Binary Logistic Regression is a form of multivariate data analysis used for predicting dependent variables which is composed of binary outcomes (e.g. presence/absence, yes/no, agree/disagree). In contrast to Multiple Linear Regression, it uses dummy coding for its dependent variable (0,1). Below are links to a Binary Logistic Regression learning activity using SPSS. You can download […]

The t-test for independent groups

The t-test for independent groups otherwise known as student’s t-test or unpaired t-test, is a statistical test for determining the significant difference of the means of two unrelated or correlated groups. The t-test was invented by William Sealy Gosset. As a chemist, he used the t-test to handle small samples for quality control in brewing. […]

t-test for dependent samples

The t-test for dependent samples compares the means of two related groups in order to determine if there is significant difference among them. It is also called by the following names: dependent samples t-test, matched-pairs t test, repeated measures t test, t test for dependent means, t test for related samples, or paired t-test. An […]